Broken Buddha

by Charles Mansfield



"The the tale of a man caught between spirituality, procrastination and a very loose idea of cause and effect."

Written by Charles Mansfield
Produced Mark Garrison and Charles Mansfield
Engineered by Mark Garrison in Buffalo, NY
Recorded at Sound Garrison, Buffalo, NY
Mastered by Alex Saltz - APS Mastering


Broken Buddha beside my bed supposed to turn my luck around
Not by reputation but by early results
But now, it's just sitting there, dusty, broken all alone

When it crashed upon the floor I turned around to see him dead
And I picked up the pieces and I tried to find his head
But he hid, so what I did was pick him up; and put him in my room

Need to fix this thing and put him back where it belongs

But on my mother's life, the strangest things happened to me
Things that were hard now they flowed so very easily
So it sat there, unglued, with my brand new attitude, now it's changed it's overdue, library book stolen from school

Need to fix this thing and put it back where it belongs

Should have known it never ever really helped me get that strong

Piece of bone ain't ever gonna help me right those wrongs.


released 09 November 2014
Charles - Vox, Guitars, Bass
Mark - Drums, Backing Vox



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Charles Mansfield Brooklyn, New York

Charles Mansfield's sound has been compared to the likes of Neil Young, Frank Black and The Mountain Goats. The past few years have seen Charles in New York playing clubs largely shoulder to shoulder with the Antifolk scene at Sidewalk, Goodbye Blue Monday and the rich house-show scene. “Prettiest Face”, his fifth, was released June 6, 2014 at Palisades in Brooklyn NY. ... more

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