Prettiest Face

by Charles Mansfield

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Charles Mansfield - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Mark Garrison - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Mike Bradowski - Drums on tracks 2 and 3
Ben Pagano - Piano
Morgan Herringer, Ray Brown, Bird to Prey - additional background vocals
Morgan - Glockenspiel on Promises

Produced by Mark Garrison and Charles Mansfield
Engineered by Mark Garrison
Recorded at Sound Garrison, Buffalo, NY
Mastered by Alex Saltz - APS Mastering
Additional overdubs recorded at Speakersonic Studios, Brooklyn, NY, engineered by Brian Speaker
Photos by Bryan Johnson
CD Design: Jack Samels
Thank you Melissa, Caz, Linnea, Pete, Jeff and Mom

Copyright 2014


released June 2, 2014



all rights reserved


Charles Mansfield Brooklyn, New York

Charles Mansfield's sound has been compared to the likes of Neil Young, Frank Black and The Mountain Goats. The past few years have seen Charles in New York playing clubs largely shoulder to shoulder with the Antifolk scene at Sidewalk, GBM (now Looking Glass) and the house-show scene. He recently released a new acoustic based EP titled Birthday Card at Sidewalk Cafe NYC on 7/29/16. ... more

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Track Name: Mystery Girl
She was so pretty sitting at the piano, staring out into the cold air

Unfamiliar faces; and just a couple of traces of interest from the side chairs but she would come back she's winning;

Cause, it's in the title
Track Name: Roll The Dice
Roll The Dice

I look at him and I want to cry, but the tears are from joy

Don't often see such a smile on a boy

As he bangs the drums and pounds the keys; belts out old time melodies

The lights are on the but the candle's lit anyway.

How do
You get the dirt out of us? Your eyes like a clear running stream, blue and hopeful; deep as ice

Say a mouthful roll the dice

He's blowin' butterflies out of her head; they rise up fighting or fucking it's hard to tell which,I didn't know they symbolized the dead till today

Sway into the room and raise your shades; pupils pins cause of hard lemonade It smells like trees in there as get lost.

How do
You get the dirt out of us? Your eyes like a clear running stream, blue and hopeful; deep as ice

Say a mouthful roll the dice

It like opening a sticky, tiny tin of tacks. But the rabbits keep on jumpin' up and out the hat

How Do.......
You get the dirt out of us? Your eyes like a clear running stream, blue and hopeful; deep as ice, say a mouthful, blue and hopeful take a mouthful...roll the dice
Track Name: Promises

The first thing on my mind, was the time before and what it meant

And that call from Pam, bout pickin her up, and that text from Jan about takin the bus, and if I was goin to come out.

But I already had plans, so I had to lie, but it was so ingrained,
I thought it was the truth, but after all that time, could you fault me for that trip, to your hometown.

Promises, don't mean a thing

But it wasn't long, until I realized that I wasn't truthing, even to myself

When I said I didn't notice, when I said I didn't care, but I noticed everything and I noticed you weren't there more than I'd care to say.

And about your disappearance, Boy it left a mark but it's faded now, but I'm lyin' once again cause it's colorful as ever and the tv's on full blast and i'm tryin to sober up, with this can of beer.

Promises, don't mean a thing

Do you know this means I love you this smile?

Do you know this means I love you this smile?

Do you know this means I love you this smile?

Do you know this means I love you this smile?
Track Name: Hard 28
Hard 28 have a kid; or a junk skid?
Did you stay with a bad man too long?
Did he turn it around
With an insufferable song

Your skin is worn; and your hair like hay
But let's roll......Hard twenty-eight

Did you work some long hours; trade some harsh pours at the tower
Mack the Knife playin; over; and over; till you could stand it no longer

Your skin is worn; and your hair like hay
But let's roll......Hard twenty-eight

Your eyes are bright; my mouth's agape, when your lips curl up
with your stories to tell; lipstick stains; on that porcelain cup

I'll meet you at the tavern; Where Lesley gore sang ,we'll fight till the end; or somethin' like that

Your skin is warm; and you're Ok

But let's roll, but let's roll......Hard twenty-eight
Track Name: Prettiest Face
Prettiest Face

Back in 01, fighting just begun, certainty it was, at a premium

But she was happy; and it rubbed off, and hence, so was I
In her left moxie, in her right hand grace;she didn't have the prettiest face

And i traveled the land, to watch her commence, and it locked our bond, like a long slow dance

Sometimes you do, things that mean, more than you think, at the time

Like the bells that day, if they could forever ring but they don't forever ring, forever ring forever ring forever ring

In her left hand moxie in her right hand grace, she didn't have the prettiest face

But her warmth surrounds and charity thrived, made you think what it's like to be alive

And on some days that gummy smile, could take you back for a real long while

Might take her back, if she would have me, but, she marred a rock star, so that's not too likely.

Track Name: The Trip
I couldn't help thinking, there would be, some goodbye, some heartfelt miss you in some parallel universe

but you'll just go get on a plane i won't even know the time or day and i will read a post or two like every one who knows you

and when you'll get back, you'll just be back; and our life's map will just be the same
Track Name: Vortex

She found a vortex on a park bench in Marcy Square.
Not in the middle or the other side;
But where she faced the dancing trees; i just saw a sad playground And the roots were as deep as the ocean

But I.........

Never saw any Indians; dancing on the plain, either.

I trekked a thousand miles, got red dirt on my shoes and i trudged through the rivers of ice. But i never could rouse, those ghost do a step for me.

No I....

Never saw any Indians, dancing on the plain

And Here at 2, or 3am; in the light of the projects of spirituality
No I can't see, the flow, the energy, i just wanted to touch your hand

No I....

Never saw any indians.......
Track Name: The New 29
The New 29

What are you doing here? I thought I left you out.
But if I were bein' honest; I'm happy to see you about

I'd say you look pretty; much the same I guess
talk of your past didn't help much; the weight you still bear on your chest

And if i were still bein honest; I'd say i was still searching for you and after...... all that time and if i was speakin the truth....... i say i I finally gave up that pursuit.
Track Name: Whatever
I'm on the train and imagine
It blowing off the tracks
And being crushed by a couple tons of steel and a few dozen nervous weary eyeballs and i think to myself.....whatever.